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Wilhelm T & P is the right contact for consultation on systems in the plastics processing industry. We have been working with leading international machine manufacturers for decades. This allows us to guarantee our customers the best quality and reliable service. We have been representing company NGR successfully since 2004.

In the future, there will be no way around a reorientation of the plastics industry away from the linear and towards the circular economy. Raw materials are used again for production after use. As part of the NEXT GENERATION GROUP, NGR (Next Generation Recycling Machines) supports the plastics industry with its technologies and ideas and thus makes an essential contribution to sustainable plastics processing.

Post-Industrial Recycling

Residual products left behind by the industrial production of plastic products are a high-quality and valuable raw material, which are fed back into the production cycle.
Tried-and-tested system sets new standards
Shredder-feeder-extruder combination
The NXT:GRAN continues to combine size reduction, feeding and extruding into one extremely efficient work step (ONE-STEP technology). In doing so, it draws upon the experience gained from having over 1000 patented shredder-feeder-extruder combination installations worldwide.

PET Recycling

Experience a new dimension of recycling with P:REACT! Industrial waste or post-consumer PET can be processed into fully food-grade rPET in just a few minutes.
The future of PET recycling
The PET recycling machine P:REACT makes it possible to revolutionize the PET recycling process. It transforms PET waste and PET bottle flakes into food-grade recycled PET in minutes.